5 things i loved at Google I/O 2017 as a Consumer

The bubble game at the I/O played worldwide..live
As usual, Google’s fav face always receives a warm welcome

Smart Replies in Gmail

Reading emails on the go is rather an easy tasks. Pain is when you actually have to reply. This is where Google’s new improvements can help in Gmail. Using ‘Smart Reply’ feature of Gmail in Android & iOS, the app suggests you quick responses to your received messages. Smart Reply suggests three responses based on the email you received. Once you select one of the option, you can either push the email to the other party or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Whichever way, you still save some time. This features utilizes machine learning to give you better responses, based on the amount of usage of this feature.

Image Credit: Google

The ‘Android’ Empire

Last may, Google officially confirmed that Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US. While we enter into the new year, Android has started building a new superiority in the world of technology. Android has now surpassed 2 Billion monthly active devices, and these devices are collection of Smartphones, Tablets, Android Wearables, Android TVs and other devices that are powered by Android. There were a lot of speculations specially that Google would announce the name of O flavor. However, it did not. Instead, suggested that Android O would be coming later this year and would have more features including the ‘Vitals’ and this version would also aim to bring more fluidic experience for users.

Enhanced ‘Google Assistant’ & ‘Smarter Google Home’

If you are an iPhone user, rejoice as Google Assistant is now available on iPhone. With this service available on more than 100 million devices, Google launched Google Lens as an upgraded armour to its service. According to Google, Lens is a new way for computers to “see” — you’ll be able to learn more about and take action on the things around you, while you’re in a conversation with your Assistant. For example, you can simply point your phone at the storefront and you will see a restaurant’s rating OR you can receive information on band’s pictures and videos pointing the lens at a concert poster. Google is also adding transactions and payments to your Assistant on phones

Source: Google YouTube
Source: Google YouTube

Job Search in ‘search’

Looking for Jobs? Google launched this very interesting initiative by which the search giant will help people find jobs, and will help employers find the best candidates. The collection of jobs will be right from top executives to retail jobs. Google for Jobs will roll out in the coming weeks, and it will be available initially only in the US. Using this feature, users can search for the type of the job in the search and Google will display card-based results regarding the job, without leaving Google page. Google will fetch the results from several job portals to list these details.

Google Photos — For the Win

Ever since Google Photos were launched 2 years back, i have been a big fan of the same. The service today hosts more than 500 million monthly users. To me, I/O brought great features in Google Photos. Firstly, the app would have a feature Suggested Sharing.

Source: Google YouTube



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